A First Birthday – African Style!

So we have been very quiet lately, busy with some amazing projects. But in between all of this, we managed to do a beautiful First Birthday party!

The theme was vintage Africa, with a touch of bunnies and gold. This sweet little girl celebrated this special birthday surrounded by close friends and family, drinking old-fashioned tea and eating cake. The vintage way, with a touch of Africa.

A romantic autumn colour-scheme with a touch of gold brought warmth to a very cold and rainy April day. The birthday cake was a big cupcake with a star candle…and since this little girl loves chocolate more than Cake, we just had to add a little Lindt Bunny or two to the decorations!

Our African touch was visible through the use of the South African national flower, the Protea, and the traditional Xhosa Shwe-Shwe fabric used to make a tutu-dress especially for the birthday girl.

Birtday Cakes and Bakes: Mrs V
Flowers/Décor: Mrs V
Birthday Dress: Mrs V
Photography: Mrs V
Stationery/Birthday Invitation: Letter Chef @ Mrs V




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