Die Goorgomgaai (The Gruffalo)

This lovely birthday party had the theme of “Die Goorgomgaai en Die Neutbruin Haas” or The Gruffalo and the Hazel Bunny” (Actually it is the bunny from Guess how much I love you) – crafted to the beautifully creative mind of a four-year-old girl. As part of the fun activities, the little girls had flowers to pick from and create their own little arrangements to take home. The table were covered in brown paper and there was an endless supply of crayons and chalk to draw with. To make this event even more special, the day was perfect, filled with sunshine and barely any wind – ideal for a birthday that was supposed to take place in the forest.

Photography: Mrs V
Stationery: Letterchef @ Mrs V
Food and snack bags: Letterchef @ Mrs V
Cake and cupcakes: Mrs V (Gruffalo and Bunnies by Letterchef @ Mrs V)
Owl Cookies: Alida from Soete Goete
Décor: Letterchef @ Mrs V

Partytjie Flattened



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